85 Spring Street

By December 22, 2017 No Comments

Located at the top end of town and framed by some of Melbourne’s most historically important landmarks, 85 Spring Street, developed by Golden Age Group, has been the project on everyone’s lips this year.

Celebrating its arrival in a manner befitting its significance, was a challenge Papermill took on with excitement. We created an event that would draw on the pillars of Melbourne, spring and time, while highlighting the impeccable attention to detail and materiality by the project’s architect, Bates Smart, to create a curated collection of inspired residences.

To achieve this, we conceived a 4D experience for guests, an event that was not only a sight for the eyes, but one that utilised sounds, smells and even textures, to create a passage through time, before entering a garden oasis complete with lush greenery growing from within walls, paired with the sounds of gardens and the scents of spring.

Once upstairs, guests walked through a breathtaking floral installation by Cecilia Fox before dining on a carefully curated menu that was both visually stunning and beautiful to eat, before selecting their own desserts from an edible garden complete with bubbling dry ice and garden sounds.